Meet MiiCare, extending at home health with AI-powered wisdom

MiiCare, driven by the personal loss of its founder Kelvin Summoogum’s grandmother and father to chronic conditions, is an innovative solution aimed at enhancing the health and well-being of older adults at home.

Utilizing a home hub equipped with an AI-based voice assistant named Monica and ambient IoT sensors, MiiCare gathers extensive data on physical, physiological, and psychosocial aspects of its users. This data, including mobility patterns and vital signs, is analyzed to create personalized care plans, delivered through Monica. MiiCare collaborates mainly with NHS trusts, local authorities, and private care providers, operating on a B2B and B2G basis under a SaaS model.

The company, backed by private investors and UKRI grants, also benefits from its engagement with Empact Ventures. MiiCare emphasizes a flat working model, encouraging staff initiative and diversity. Its future plans include leveraging ChatGPT to enhance Monica’s capabilities, having already validated its solution in the UK.

Meet MiiCare, extending at home health with AI-powered wisdom – Maddyness UK

QFQs Kelvin Summoogum of MiiCare about building a satnav for wellbeing and harnessing technology to support older adults with self-care.